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Hi everyone!

Competition time is here again and I am happy to announce you that my two video performances will be part of the semifinalists which, starting December 20th 2018, will compete on 7 Virtual Jazz Club’s website to win the web community.

7 Virtual Jazz Club

From December 20th, by entering the page GO TO LIVE from our website, my two video submissions ‘Song for my father’ and ‘Mother Mary’ will be voted by assigning a like or a dislike on my Youtube channel. The videos which will obtain more likes by January 20th 2019 will win the Web Community Prize (500 Euros + advertising).

So again, I would need some support from the public and this is were you come into play! If you could submit your vote for my two videos I submitted for this competition that would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you so so much for all your

love and support, happy holidays


a wonderful, fresh 2019!