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Dear friends,

I’m more than grateful for the time I have spent in Switzerland in June – I’m speechless and deeply touched for all the love, honesty and inspiration I received to take back to the US to keep me going for the next few months. Hopefully! ;-)

The fundraising concert on June 18th in my hometown Horw near Luzern was an absolute success! So many dear friends and neighbors from my family who knew Grämlis at the time my parents were tending the land were present and shared their love with me and my music. Singing those compositions for the first time for my family and Swiss people in general felt very special and I’m very relieved that it was perceived so positive. Thanks to the amazing musicians Maxim Lubarsky and Jussi Reijonen who both helped me tremendously to make this possible! You are both incredible human beings and I cherish you so much – you have no idea! Another big thank you goes to Roger Konrad, the alphorn player who got in touch with me so spontaneously and joined this concert with a beautiful opening.

Another amazing part of my trip was the video shoot in the alps by Golzernsee in the canton of Uri. Raphael Prinz found me two amazing videographers named Bruno Merlo and Paul Rigert who simply made this day incredibly unforgettable with so much Swiss magic and professionalism from their part, I can’t even find the right words for it! Simply great vibes! Thanks to all three of you!

And last but not least: The yodeling competition on June 28th at the “Zentralschweizerischen Jodlerfest 2019” in Horw was an experience I won’t forget so quick! I had the honor of being accompanied by Franz Stadelmann on accordion (famous composer in Swiss traditional folk music). We had so much fun walking through Horw and greeting all these Swiss Yodlers on the way to warm up for the competition. I am very happy to announce that we made the best grade out of 4 levels which means, I could probably participate in the “Eidgenössischen Jodlerfest 2020” in Basel if I wanted to. Let’s see what time brings… I gotta start saving for this special flight ticket though….

There are so many people I wanted to thank:

-       Ursula Gernet-Aregger and Franziska Wigger for their incredible help with my preparation for the Yodel competition

-       Roger Rüegger and Werner Kuster for their constant help and support through all those years

-       My beloved family in Switzerland and my dear husband, for everything I have in my life

I simply can’t wait to invite my whole band to Switzerland to present all these songs to you the way I hear them in my head and the way we recorded them back in May!

Live Band:

Gabriela Martina - (Switzerland) voice & compositions

Vancil Cooper - (United States) drums

Kyle Miles - (United States) acoustic & electric bass

Maxim Lubarsky - (Ukraine) piano and keyboards

Jussi Reijonen - (Finland) fretted & fretless guitar

Ben Rosenblum - (United States) accordion

And I wanted to thank all of you! You are the ones who support me with my crazy ideas as a musician and never stop believing in me. It means the world to me.

Have an amazing summer and stay tuned for more updates in my newsletters and on social media. I do my best to post as regular as possible.

Many thanks,